CBRE communicates about its business and matters relating to commercial real estate with the public and its investors directly and indirectly through the media. We endeavor to cooperate with the media where appropriate, but it is important that CBRE speak to the media and investors with one unified voice. Therefore, only designated individuals are authorized to speak on behalf of CBRE. Dealing with the media, financial analysts or attorneys requires a special understanding of their needs and our obligations as a public company. For example, as a public company we are committed to full compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure). Here are a few guidelines that will keep us safely in compliance:

  • Refer any media calls or requests for interviews to your Marketing or Corporate Communications Department.
  • Refer questions from the financial community (bankers, stockbrokers, stockholders or analysts) to the Investor Relations Department or directly to our Chief Financial Officer.
  • Refer any questions about lawsuits, subpoenas or legal claims to the Legal Department.
  • Questions about current or former employees should be referred to the Human Resources Department.
  • Before publishing articles or opinion pieces, making speeches, giving interviews or making public appearances that are connected to our business, you must get approval as specified in our relevant policies in your location.
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Dealing with the Media and other Requests for Information Check your knowledge

Amit is a big producer in the office and a former professional cricketer. As Amit was leaving the office one day, a reporter from the Times of India asks him to answer a few questions about CBRE's success in a recent deal on an office tower in his city. Amit is authorized to speak for his office.

Can Amit discuss such matters with the reporter?

Yes No
Correct Answer — Yes

Since Amit is authorized to speak on behalf of his office, he may discuss specific matters or activities that happened exclusively within his office's area.

The discussion with Amit and the reporter continues. The reporter then asks Amit to answer a few questions about CBRE's global performance and the company's success going into earnings season. Being a former celebrity athlete and knowing how to handle the press, Amit feels comfortable in these circumstances and would be delighted to answer the reporter's questions.

What should Amit do?

A) Answer the reporter's questions as long as she agrees not to use his name in the article. B) Answer the reporter's questions since he is entitled, as an individual, to get his opinions and is not subject to company policies in this area. C) Refer all questions regarding the Company's financial performance to Corporate Communications.
Correct Answer — C

Amit should not provide any information or give any personal opinion on CBRE's financial performance, and refer the reporter to Corporate Communications.

Incorrect Selection

Please re-examine the situation presented carefully and choose again.

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