Our electronic communication systems, such as internet access, email, voice mail and telephone services, are essential tools that support our business. We must use our systems consistent with our RISE values of Respect Integrity, Service and Excellence. These systems are to be used primarily for Company business. While you may use the Company's systems for incidental or occasional personal use, you must recognize that you are not permitted to do so in any manner that may disrupt your or anyone else's job performance or is otherwise offensive or contrary to our RISE values or other Company policies in any manner. Our policies that govern how our systems are to be used reinforce these guidelines and give CBRE the right to monitor your use of our systems and to block, intercept or review any content or communications that occur on or are stored in our systems. Your personal privacy is not protected on our systems, and you should not expect it to be.

During the last several years, the use of email and other messaging technologies has fundamentally transformed communications. However, the ease with which these technologies can be used increases the risk of poor communication or misuse. Thus, we should compose our emails and other electronic messages with the same care taken in composing any other written document. These messages can be permanent and can be easily copied and forwarded worldwide without your knowledge or permission. At worst, messages that advance personal or political views, or contain derogatory, profane, explicit or offensive content could be attributed to CBRE and degrade our brand or cause liability.

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Juliana is angry with her internet and cable company. Her internet service at home has been down for three days. She gets into the office early and sends an E-Mail to her cable company from her CBRE email address with hostile and offensive language. The e-mails included the standard CBRE signature line at the bottom and CBRE name displayed prominently at the top.

Did Juliana violate our Electronic Communication Policies?

Yes No
Correct Answer — Yes

While Juliana may use company E-Mail for occasional personal use, she cannot use it in a manner that is offensive or otherwise contrary to our RISE values.

Makari received an email on his CBRE account with a pornographic image attached. He didn't know what the image was when he opened it but as soon as he recognized that it was inappropriate, he decided to delete it from his inbox. However, just as he was about to delete the email Makari noticed that the sender, a CBRE employee named Bob, had included several CBRE employees and clients on the email.

Should Makari bring this email to Bob's supervisor?

Yes No
Correct Answer — Yes

An inappropriate email of this magnitude rises to the level of misconduct. Bob's decision to send such material to colleagues and clients could significantly damage the reputation of our company and our standing with the client.

Cheng, a top broker in your office was fired yesterday. You are a good friend of Cheng and you have all of the background that lead to his termination. Cheng is a civic leader in the community and you receive a call from a local Reporter. The Reporter asks for a statement.

Do you give a statement?

Yes No
Correct Answer — No

It is important to politely decline giving a statement and notify your supervisor and Corporate Communications.

Incorrect Selection

Please re-examine the situation presented carefully and choose again.

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