CBRE is committed to providing a safe workplace and to enhancing the health and well-being of our employees. Our success in meeting this commitment depends on each of us doing his or her part. CBRE provides the resources for a robust health and safety program, complete with a formal policy, training and a cadre of specialists supporting client accounts and our own locations. However, we all play a role in minimizing the chances of on-the-job injuries by complying with the law, CBRE policy and common sense. For example, we require anyone driving for CBRE business to comply with all local driving laws (including those that require drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts) and to refrain from distracted driving (e.g., texting while driving).

If something occurs in our facility that might be harmful to our employees or the community, we openly communicate these situations and develop a plan to correct them effectively and quickly. We expect all employees to report any unsafe conditions, whether at our own workplace or one that we manage, and we will never retaliate against an employee for bringing any incident or condition to our attention. Therefore, if you become aware of any hazardous situations; injuries, regardless of how minor or severe; or threat to the safety or health of a colleague, client, vendor or other business partner, report it immediately to your supervisor or the appropriate personnel within your location.

Because health and safety is a priority, while at work we must remain free of the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or any other substance that may impair our ability to work safely and effectively. We recognize that it is customary to have alcoholic beverages at company functions. However, regardless of where these events are held, this SOBC and our other rules and policies regarding workplace conduct are in effect and will be enforced. Employees should be mindful that they are representing CBRE and our reputation at all times.

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A broker, Keiran, approaches you and complains that things were not going well for him recently – at work, financially, and in his personal life. Keiran tells you that one of these days someone would catch him on the "wrong" day and they would "pay" for it. A few days later you were walking by his office and saw him throw his calculator onto the floor. As it exploded into several pieces you heard him screaming at a colleague on the phone.

What should you do?

A) Do nothing B) Call the authorities C) Contact his supervisor
Correct Answer — C

Unless you believe that someone in your office is in immediate threat of harm or danger, you should contact Keiran's supervisor and let his supervisor address these concerns.

You have been listening to the ups and downs of a co-worker's romantic relationship with someone who does not work at CBRE, or for a client or vendor. The co-worker, Danya, came in this morning with a black eye and when you asked what happened she said that she and her boyfriend got into a fight last night and he hit her. Danya tells you that she left him – "for good this time." Later that day Danya receives a phone call and you overheard her arguing and crying, when she hung up the phone she was pale and visibly shaken. When you asked her what happened, she told you that her boyfriend had just told her that if she did not get back together with him, he would come down to CBRE and make sure "no one would have her." Danya has also mentioned in the past that her boyfriend owned a gun.

Should you report this to your supervisor?

Yes No
Correct Answer — Yes

Danya believes that her boyfriend is serious, and his volatility could create an unsafe condition for both Danya and other employees. You should notify your supervisor immediately.

Incorrect Selection

Please re-examine the situation presented carefully and choose again.

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