We are the industry leader, and CBRE is the most recognizable and powerful brand in the real estate services industry. We gained this position through a relentless focus on serving the clients' interests and maintaining our RISE values. We built our reputation for Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence over decades, but recognize that a reputation can be weakened or destroyed by just one action of one employee. We don't produce products, and therefore all of our interactions together represent our work and our brand. We must strive in all of our work and interactions on behalf of CBRE to protect the reputation of the brand.

Over the years, we have seen how the actions or activities of some individuals outside the context of work have been associated with CBRE, whether rightly or wrongly. Thus, our leaders within the company must ensure that nothing they do at work or in their personal lives will adversely impact the brand.

The brand CBRE and the logo that represents it are trademarks that are registered and recognized around the world. We have set out specific guidelines for the use of the marks globally, including specific color palettes, fonts and other attributes that make the marks immediately recognizable throughout the world. We must adhere to these standards and take all appropriate steps to protect the brand and marks. In addition, all publications, materials, databases and other programs developed by or for CBRE are intellectual property belonging to CBRE. Employees are required to acknowledge that these valuable creations belong to CBRE. Similar to desks, printers and office supplies, employees may not take intellectual property at the end of their employment.

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Two brokers, Cora and Felipe, were at a client sponsored sporting event drank large quantities of alcohol. At lunch, one of the brokers, Felipe, was slurring his words and saying things that were funny, but made no sense. At one point, he even put a lampshade on his head and began dancing by himself in the corner of the room. Cora laughed and made fun of his colleague in front of client employees, and continued to buy him drinks until he passed out on a bench late that afternoon. Neither of the brokers mentioned the incident to anyone at CBRE. Several weeks later, a client employee who attended the event coincidently was standing in line at the local supermarket behind the Managing Director (MD) of Cora and Felipe's office. The MD asked about the event and the client mentioned what happened explaining that "everyone" thought it was hilarious. The next day the MD joked with the brokers about the lampshade and told them to continue keeping the clients happy.

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CBRE is the foremost name in commercial real estate services and every employee represents our company and our values. We need to ever conscious and vigilant of our roles as representatives of this company, and carry ourselves with the appropriate decorum.

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