CBRE and many of our employees are using social media to advance their business and careers. As CBRE comes of age in the age of social media, it is critical that we harness the awesome power of technology for our benefit and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. We encourage you to become a knowledgeable user of social media to grow our client base and innovate with new services. Before you venture into uncharted territory, you are required to review our policies in this area. Also keep in mind that all CBRE policies are applicable when using social media.

When you use social media, you represent our brand and are a keeper of our reputation. Inappropriate conduct, sharing of confidential information, harassment, excessive use of Company systems for personal matters, and fraud are treated the same whether committed online or in person. Finally, we encourage you to “think before you post.” One offending statement, off-color “joke,” or reference to confidential or personal employment information can be viewed by anyone for years to come, exposing CBRE (and you) to significant legal liability, not to mention a tarnished reputation.

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Participating in Social Media Check your knowledge

Nora is a hard working broker. She is always looking to harness social medial and E-Mail marketing to expand her clientele. At a local business roundtable luncheon, Nora meets Hugo. Hugo specializes in business marketing information, and tells Nora that for a reasonable fee, he can provide her with a marketing list of 2000 emails of legitimate business persons in her area. Excited about the idea of new clients, she quickly agrees and purchases the marketing list from Hugo.

Did Nora violate company policy by purchasing the marketing list from Hugo?

Yes No
Correct Answer — Yes

The purchasing of marketing lists from unapproved third parties for marketing communications is prohibited unless approved in writing by the General Counsel or Communications.

Tristan is an avid user of social media and a terrific employee of CBRE. In fact, Tristan is so proud of the work he does for CBRE and its clients that he pastes images of the logos of his clients on his webpages and describes, in detail, all of the great work and great friends that he has made along the way. Tristan doesn't have a single bad word to say about any of his past experiences in CBRE or his current and former clients.

Is there anything inappropriate about Tristan's social media postings?

Yes No
Correct Answer — No

Even if everything that Tristan has posted is positive, he has to retain the duty of confidentiality. He may not reference any CBRE client, vendor, employee or post any client or vendor logo without advanced written permission to do so.

Incorrect Selection

Please re-examine the situation presented carefully and choose again.

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